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re: Guild Rules.

Social Rules

#1 RESPECT everyone. Just because you are behind a keyboard does not absolve you of treating people with respect and decency. No matter which channel you use - private, guild, public, yell or web forums - racism, sexism, malicious mistreating, flaming or bad mouthing will never be tolerated. You will be removed from the guild if you cannot or will not behave in a respectful way. Enough said.

#2 Please keep all conversations, especially on the Guild Chat channel as 'PG' as possible. Please be responsible with what you type. The availability of a profanity filter does not absolve you of your responsibility.

#3 Please keep all arguments off the Guild Chat channel. If you have a disagreement please take it to private tells/whispers. If you can't resolve your issues, feel free to escalate it to one of the council members that will help to mediate. if the problem is related to an officer, contact the guild master. Do NOT resort to name calling, swearing, etc. (See rules #1 and #2)

#4 No begging/whining. This includes begging for money, items, quest help, etc. If you're in need of something specific, post a message on our forums. Keep in mind that people play this game for their own enjoyment, not just to help you do whatever you're trying to do. People will help you when it’s convenient for THEM to help you. If no one is available to help you immediately, feel free to do something else in game in the meantime and come back to whatever it is you're needing help with when it’s more convenient for others.

Guild Rules

#1 Do not engage in behaviors that are frowned upon by Blizzard. This includes advertising the sale of accounts, or game money for real life money.

#2 Refresh your characters regularly, all accounts not being active for 1 month get kicked for that, unless you contacted a council member about it (Such as vacations), and update your in game char note when you will be back.

#3 Do not leave/quit a party/raid without a word, Try to finish what you were doing. But if you really have to leave, tell that to the other people in your party/raid. We are not deserters or quiters.

#4 If you are leaving the guild, leave in a decent way. We put time and effort in tracking our playerbase and making a healthy guild. If you have considered things well and wish to leave the guild, you are expected to contact an officer and state why you want to leave the guild. We might want to use this feedback to improve the guild.

#5 Guildhoppers are not welcome, our guild is based on long term friendship.

Raid Rules

Fusion is a mature (not hardcore 5 nights a week) raiding guild. We have nothing against ur PvP fetish if u must but putting on PvP gear for raiding is a simple no-no. Simple requirements for raiding are:

#1 Each Raid has 1 raid leader, the raid leader LEADS the raid and is responsible for making all final decisions on all aspects of the raid. Loot, strategy, everything. new raids it is and will always be a team effort so suggestions are not only welcome but mandatory!

#2 All raid members are expected to have all equipment, consumables, raid significant items, in their inventory and ready to go when invites start. All members will have all equipment fully repaired. Failure to do so may result in not being selected for the raid or removal from the raid.

#3 If you join us you start out with the Trial rank, Trial rank's can't use the Guild Bank and are not allowed to bid for gear if any member in casual or raider rank requires it.

#4 Suggestions for raid tactics / plans shall be communicated to your respective class coordinator and they will pass the suggestion / information to the raid leader.

#5 Communication on raid channel / yell / TS will be limited to raid significant content. While the raid leader is speaking, everyone will remain silent and listen. During an encounter only immediately significant and important information will be stated on /ra, /yell,TS. Feel free to use /g, /say for other purposes. Failure to do so will result in a warning. Continued failure will result in removal from the raid.

#6 Many items will be restricted to specific classes for the purpose of making the raid stronger. At the discretion of the raid leader and officers they can be opened and/or closed depending on the current raid members. Just because an item was open to all classes one raid does NOT mean it will remain that way.

#7 Unannounced AFK's, unresponsiveness, disconnects, and other conditions which mean you are not performing in the raid may result in removal / replacement in the raid at the discretion of the raid leader and needs of the raid.

#8 We understand and appreciate that everyone has their own play styles. While each of us are unique, the design of raid encounters and the level of coordination required means we must all fullfill the role for which we were selected. In extreme cases, you may be asked to respec for the good of raid. In most cases, this is voluntary. In dire cases, the raid leader may require respecs. If required to respec the guild bank will cover your respec cost.

#9 We expect EVERYONE! to use "Rapid Raid" on the website whether you are available for the raid or not, this is needed so that the raid leader knows in front who will be there and who will be not there.

#10 We expect from everyone to attend at least 3 raids a week!

Most infractions will be handled with a warning for a first offense. Repeated offenses will lead to being kicked from the guild. Depending on the severity of the infraction, the council may kick on a first offense at their discretion. The "Dodo" rank may also be used as a cooling off period if excessive spam is being posted to the guild chat channel or as a warning that you are getting close to crossing the line. We will not discriminate. We will put all parties involved in whatever is going on in the "Time Out" rank without preference to who may or may not think it right or wrong.

If you agree and accept these rules and want to join us, fill out an application!
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