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Fusion has been on Hellfire for over 3 years and despite challenges and changes has always kept its core principles strong, building a strong reputation and relationships.

Cataclysm provided us a much needed chance to take a break and get real life in order. Now, we are reforming once again and looking forward plunging into Mists and challenging the content as opposed to..well you know. :)

We believe in having fun while forming long lasting friendships through the upcoming raids and beyond. 

What are we looking for?
Almost all of us have real life commitments and we understand the need to balance gaming around them, which is why we raid only on weekends. We are looking for a team of focused individuals who can show the skill and love for their class that is required to move through content with ease and speed. Being able to take and provide constructive criticism with an open mind is primary as well. We all make mistakes... it’s how much we learn from them that matters most.

What does it take to be a Fusion Raider?
Being part of the Fusion raid team offers you the chance to raid end game content with a dedicated team of individuals who have raided since the start of TBC (yes we have been around that long). As we will only be raiding twice a week, we expect our raiders to be fully prepared and on time for raids and be equipped with prior knowledge of the encounters. Vent AND a mic is a MUST! Conversation is optional..

Good humour is a MUST and we don’t accept sheep, especially of the drama variety!

You are expected to:

Be able to stay for the duration of the raids;
Have all consumables needed and gear up to scratch fully enchanted/gemmed;
Be ready to offer suggestions to encounters and know existing encounters;
Inform your raid leader of any absence or inability to raid and ensure that you always accept/decline raids.

Raid time will be Saturday 1500 – 1900 and Sunday 15:00 to 18:00 server times.

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